Monday, 23 January 2012

London Headshots

London Headshots is live

Good afternoon, people who probably aren't even reading this page yet. I'm John Godwin, and this is the blog I'm using to promote my business blog: London Headshots Blog

This blog is going to be awesome, I assure you. I'm going to be dissecting the minutiae of professional headshot photography, and providing examples of and insights into professional lighting, and a topic that seems almost untouched in professional photo retouching.

The latter is what my next few blog posts are likely to be about. I'm going to be using real world shots, such as images from professional corporate headshots sessions, and breaking down individual lighting styles, the reasons behind those lighting styles, and then the retouching used afterwards in post-production to bring the best elements of the shot to the front.

Actors headshots sessions are going to be analysed, starting with again, the lighting, and finishing with a breakdown of the clothing changes, and the subtleties in expression that other photographers don't seem that keen to talk about.

There's no secrets in my work, and I'm hoping people will be able to get an insight into how to create amazing headshots even with a fraction of the equipment a professional uses.

So check things out at London headshots



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